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EC Raptors Gearing Up For winter 2017 indoor season!

     USATF is the national governing body of track & field, race walking and long distance running – its history is long. On January 30, 1878, rower and runner William B. Curtis founded what became the Amateur Athletic Union (or the old AAU) in New York City. The name was formally adopted in 1887. The AAU governed the sport until 1979, when the first Amateur Sports Act decreed that the AAU could no longer hold international franchises for more than one sport.

The Athletics Congress/USA (TAC/USA) became fully operational in late 1979 with its first annual meeting, conducted in Las Vegas in conjunction with that years' AAU Convention, and a constitutional convention held in Dallas/Fort Worth in 1980. The first stand-alone annual meeting occurred in Atlanta, Georgia in the late fall of 1980. In 1992, the name was changed to USA Track & Field (USATF) to increase recognition for the organization and the sport in the United States. During the early 1980’s I competed under the umbrella of the old TAC/USA. Somewhere in my old scrap book is an old TAC card dated 1981 - 1983. Today, our country’s  Olympic athletes are represented by USATF.  A few of these athletes are: Tyson Gay Gail Devers, Michael Johnson, Gwen Torrence, Justin Gatlin and Carl Lewis – all Olympic and world champions. The list of world class athletes attached to USATF is an endless one.

"I am building a fire,

and each day I train adds fuel

at the right moment......I strike the match."

                                          -- Mia Hamm

What Is USATF?

Insurance Coverage  
USATF is providing a very valuable benefit - liability insurance. If at anytime during practice your child is injured they will be covered by an insurance carrier. Any medical problems that your child may have should be disclosed to the coaching staff so that they are made aware of your child’s history. Cases of high blood pressure, asthma, etc. should be disclosed immediately so coaches can adjust practices accordingly for your childs’ safety. Your child’s health and well- being is our top priority.

Complete coaching from start to finish

Currently Abigail is studying child psychology at the University of Northern Colorado.

The EC Raptors are beginning their 2017 indoor season with their youngest and largest team to date.  First founded in 2012, the EC Raptors will field their youngest and largest team yet! This years team is a wonderful blend of middle to high school aged athletes from the Bennett, Strasburg, and Byers area. Officially the 2017 season will kick off January 7th at CU Boulders All-Comers meet on the newly renevated indoor track facility at Balch Field House next to Folsom Field.    

Lance Mangham, M.A.

With 36 years experience coach Mangham's expertise and focus are in the areas of biomechanics and physiology. 


Mangham is widely known for running a highly aggressive track & field  program and consistently produces high performing athletes. Coach Mangham is the founder of the EC Raptors Track Club.

Abigail Mangham

Abigail Mangham has extensive experience in the horizontal jumps, and is a 3 time High School conference champion and class AAA state runner-up in triple jump.