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Membership to USATF and EC Raptors

 Becoming an Eastern Colorado Raptor is simple. First go to the following website: and follow the steps
1. You should be at the USA Track & Field Colorado home page.
2. Quickly scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there at the bottom left corner you will see “MEMBERSHIP” Join Today. Click unto this ICON.
3. On the following page you will see at the top Join USA Track & Field today! Just below that Bolded in red is the - Register or renew online!
For Individual Members. Click on the Individual Members hot link.

4. The top of this page shows the membership fees: $20.00 for one year; $40.00 for two years. It is advised at this time to choose the $20.00 membership option.
5. Scroll down the page where it says “New Membership.”

6. Please fill out the information below fully. NOTE: In the box that states USATF-Registered Club number please put in the box number 0398, as this is the assigned number to the E. Colorado Raptors.

7. Be sure under the membership categories choose the Athlete Option
8. Additionally when choosing a password be sure it is something simple for you to remember and meaningful.

9. Upon completion of this page it will take you to a confirmation page with all your information. Be sure to notice that you are now attached to the Eastern Colorado Raptors with club number 398.

10. From there you should advance to the next page that offers payment options.

11. That’s it, your done – Congratulations, you are now a “Raptor.” (From this point on you should sprout wings with a strong sense that you are an apex predator atop the food chain.

12. Soon you will be emailed a temporary USATF Membership card with you membership number. You will be sent a real USATF plastic card in the mail that looks like a credit card.

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After you complete your membership you will receive an email regarding Date of Birth  Verification (DOB Verification). This is very simple. With a smart phone or digital camera take a picture of a document that has your date of birth on it, such as: driver’s license, birth certificate, ID Card, etc. Then simply email that image to From there I will forward your child's DOB information to Megan Greene in Morrison, CO., the headquarters of the Colorado USATF local office.

What Next?

After you are finished, please send me a message above and let me know that you have joined the EC Raptors, who you are, your childs name and age, and what events your child is interested in. Additionally, I will see your childs name in my club management USATF website along with their designated USATF Membership number.

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